How to setup AEON node on VPS

This tutorial will be pretty quick. We are going to be setting up an AEON node on our Ubuntu 16.04 VM from DigitalOcean.

I spun up a 4GB RAM, 2 Core, 80GB SSD VM to host my node. You will need at least enough SSD to hold the blockchain. RAM and CPU are good for the initial blockchain sync time.

Let’s jump right into it. We will be doing this the easy way, rather than compiling ourselves.

Step 1)

Create a folder for AEON, download the latest release, extract the latest release. I will try to keep this line of code updated, but please keep an eye out for any newer versions. They can be found here.

mkdir aeon
cd aeon
tar -xjvf aeon-linux-x64-v0.12.5.0.tar.bz2

Step 2)

To sync your node, run the command:


This will take about a day to finish. I prefer to use screen to run the process in the background, but ./aeond –detach works just as well.

aeond initial sync

Step 3)

Launch the wallet.


You will be prompted to enter wallet name. ex: newWallet

Enter a strong passphrase.

Select your language.


Nice work! If you have made it this far, we have a full AEON node running and ready to send / receive AEON!

A simple command is: transfer ADDRESS AMOUNT PAYMENT ID

Wanna test it?

Our AEON wallet: WmsBSQqkPGYSFdz5dsftH9Pu681XtUZmmC5xep6KALCoGJXTM4F6AegS2Rx3VDhsAxche3Lij7GCpGf5iwDyzEco281qFtbvC

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