How to Mine Monero (XMR) with GPU and Windows 10

Mining Monero (XMR) has been very profitable ever since the hard fork that bricked ASIC miners.

Here is a step by step guide on how to get started, assuming you have already have your rigs up and running. Let’s get started, fellow miner.

Monero can be mined with both Nvidia and AMD cards

Software needed:

Monero Wallet: Windows | Linux | Other

Monero Miner: XMR-Stak (2% Dev Fee) | XMRRig Nvidia (1% Dev Fee) | XMRRig AMD (1% Dev Fee)

First we will create a Monero wallet. Download the latest version of Moneo. Save the folder to your desktop.

Start monerod.exe and let it sync with the network. This will take some time, over a day.

Next run monerowallet-cli.exe, name your wallet, secure it with a password, and you will be given your seed. Your seed is a 25 word pass phrase that allows you to recover your account. Keep this safe.

How to create Monero wallet from monero wallet-cli

Copy your Monero address somewhere, we will need it for our miner settings.

To create a Monero address automatically you can use

For this tutorial we will use XMR Stak, that file is the pre-compiled version from the developer. Default fee is 2%, which can be changed if you compile the source yourself.

The first time you run XMR Stak you will be asked for information that will automatically create the config files needed to mine.

You will be asked which pool to mine on, here are a list of our favorites:

Now let’s fire up xmr-stak.exe and see how we are hashing.

Mining Monero on Windows with XMR Stak

Congratulations! You are now mining Monero with your GPU’s on Windows 10!

Things to note:

Where to trade XMR –

Solo mining will take forever to find blocks. Use a pool to increase profits/coins mined.

Not all GPU’s are created equal, AMD’s are better than Nvidia for CryptonightV7.

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