AEON Mining Tutorial for Windows / Linux (CPU / GPU)

AEON mining

In this tutorial you will learn how to mine AEON on Windows and Linux (Ubuntu and Fedora) with CPU and or GPU.

Basics of AEON Mining

AEON mining uses the algorithm CryptoNight-Light v7.

CryptoNight-Light v7, sometimes referred to as aeon7, is ASIC resistant. Making both CPU and GPU mining possible.

Generate an AEON wallet.

Both online wallets and hardware wallets have their pros and cons.

AEON Wallet Generator : This was created by MoneroMooo, a XMR core developer. Save your wallet information in a safe place. Copy your public key and seed to a safe place. The seed can be used to restore a wallet.

Generate AEON wallet instantly.

Official AEON Wallet : The safest way to store your AEON. The fastest way is to download the wallet, then connect to a remote node. Alternatively, you can run a local node by syncing the blockchain on your computer. Running a local node is the most anonymous method.

AEON Mining Software

XMR-Stak setup instructions

Download: AMD, Nvidia and CPU (all in one)

Run xmr-stak.exe as administrator and on first start we will configure the miner. After the first start, the miner settings will be saved.

Port: Network port for web monitoring, this is optional. ex: 8000

Currency:  aeon7

Pool address:

Username: ADDRESS.PAYMENT-ID+FixedDifficulty


Fixed Difficulty setting is optional. If you are sending to an Exchange, Payment ID is not optional.

Password: WORKER:Email

SSL support:  y

Do you want to use Nicehash: n

Do you want to use multiple pools: n

When you see the line logged into mining pool you are officially mining!

These settings are saved in the same folder as xmr-stak.exe: cpu.txt, nvidia.txt, amd.txt, pools.txt and config.txt. We will be fine tuning these in a later blog.

AEON Mining Pools

Monitor workers and earnings

Use public key to track live hash rate stats, view payments, set minimum payout levels, and manage email alerts. mining dashboard.

Happy Mining!

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